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These are answers to questions which most of our students tend to ask. Have a read through, and if you have question that isn’t answered here please get in touch with us.

How long is the application process?

On an average it takes between 2 weeks to 4 weeks for your application process to complete from start to finish.

This is assuming you have all the right documents to make an application.

What documents are needed for a successful application?

Most universities would need a standard set of application paperwork – year 12 grades, undergraduate transcripts, IELTS (or Pearson) test scores, references, statements of purpose, and a few more like copy of passport and a CV. These are a minimum requirement, and highly specialised study programmes usually also need additional documents to ensure your application is successful. We discuss what is needed when we have our first conversation.

Can I apply without a passport?

Yes, you can. We strongly recommend you apply for one as you’re going to need it for your travel to the UK!

What happens after I've applied?

If we’ve agreed to help you with your application, usually you will receive an offer of a place very soon. This offer is addressed to you, the applicant, and outlines your course details such as start dates, tuition fees, and most importantly it will highlight if there are any conditions attached with your offer. Your next step is to fulfil these conditions within the deadlines.

Ok so far so good. What heppens after this?

Once you’ve met your conditions, you then receive what we call as an ‘unconditional’ offer of a place at the university of your choice. This is where you need to make a choice (as you might hold multiple unconditional offers) to make your initial fees payment. This initial deposit ranges from quarter to two thirds of your total annual tuition payment, and universities have their own guidelines that they tend to follow.

Right. How long does it take to get a study visa?

Once you’ve paid your deposit, you will be sent a CAS – it is a technical name for a visa letter. This letter is a confirmation that states you’ve paid your deposit and that you’ve met all the conditions that were outlined in your offer. At this stage, we guide you through your visa application process, and in our experience this is a phase which most students require a lot of guidance from us, benefitting from our experience. Once your visa is filed with the British high commission you should expect it to arrive within 14 business days or so.

I have never been to the UK before. What happens when I arrive at the airport?

This is where the fun begins! Your university representatives are usually there to see you at arrival if you’ve made prior arrangements with them. We at Hallbridge Education Group can also arrange airport transfers upon request.

What do I have to do when I arrive?

After the day you’ve arrived you’re required to visit your university’s administrative office for registration. This is usually managed by the international team to facilitate the registration process. At this stage you’re deemed fully enrolled with the university and you’re expected to join classes from here onwards.

What happens if I have visa refusal?

This is a fair question, and we would like to start off by saying that at Hallbridge Education we’ve never had a visa refusal. In an extremely rare event that your visa is refused, you’re offered a full refund (minus an administrative charge). Universities usually take between 8 to 16 weeks to process refunds and they will need to see a copy of your visa refusal letter. Please note that there are no refunds given if the visa refusal states that you had tried to obtain a study visa through fraudulent means.

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